Parenting Coordination  

Parenting Coordination is a dispute resolution service for high conflict couples. The Parenting Coordinator (PC) has two general functions. One is as a coach/educator/facilitator, who attempts to minimize parental conflict and enhance parallel parenting, cooperation, and mutual respect. The second function is to assist parents to implement, maintain and comply with their Parenting Plan. If there is a dispute and the parents cannot come to a mutual agreement either on their own or with the assistance of the Parenting Coordinator, the PC makes final and binding decisions in keeping with the children's best interests for matters that are not designated otherwise in the Parenting Plan.

Parents may want to consider hiring a Parenting Coordinator when other avenues of problem/conflict resolution have been unsuccessful and when disagreements persist. It may be helpful for families where parents remain very angry at each other, and/or where the parents have difficulty sharing child-related information in an effective and child-focused manner. Parenting Coordinators may be useful in families where parents have concerns about drugs, alcohol, child abuse, and/or the stability of the other parent. Parenting Coordination may be helpful in resolving interim arrangements and issues for parents who are separated although living temporarily in the same home. Also, the PC may be useful to families with young children when the Parenting Plans include schedules that change incrementally over time. In this case, the PC assists the parents to implement the evolving parenting time schedule, making minor adjustments in accordance with the children's best interests.

Please click here to view the Parenting Coordination Information Sheet for Parents and Lawyers.

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