Family Mediation  

Assistance to deal with family difficulties including:

  • Parenting Plans
  • Blended Families
  • Parent-Adolescent Disputes
  • Sibling Disputes
  • Pre-Mediation Counseling
  • Elder related issues

Jacqui acts as a neutral third party when mediating disputes between parents and families. The most important benefit of mediation is maintaining important relationships and avoiding damaging conflict. During family transitions resulting from separation or divorce, Jacqui facilitates an enduring agreement between the separated parties regarding parenting responsibility. The overall goal is to assist the parties to come to decisions regarding their separation and care of their children that are in the best interests of the children. Through mediation a parenting plan will be developed that will assist parents through important decisions regarding their children. Parents may also benefit from assistance with regard to how to tell their children about the separation and how to assist the children through the transition.

Families also use mediation when they cannot reach a mutual agreement regarding the care of their elderly parents or are disputing when or how to act on Powers of Attorney for Property or Personal Care for their loved ones. These families are assisted to develop a process in which to come to a decision with respect to their parents or to make necessary decisions on their behalf.

Please click here to view the Meditation Information Sheet for Parents and Lawyers.

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