Treatment Philosophy  

The basic philosophy underlying all of Jacqueline's treatment is that people need to be listened to in an open manner free of judgement and prejudice. Jacqueline believes the only way to give people the confidence they need to connect with their feelings is to demonstrate to them empathy and unconditional support. All interventions are based on the belief each individual has an intrinsic understanding of their own needs and unique strengths. Treatment seeks to foster those strengths in a way that allows all of the needs of the individual to be met.

Problems and difficulties rarely occur in isolation. Therefore, Jacqueline looks at each individual and how they function in their environment, including their relationships with individuals and the community. If appropriate, Jacqueline encourages meeting each client's significant family members and enlisting their input and support. Similarly, Jacqueline encourages a collaborative relationship between herself and other professionals, such as lawyers, physicians and psychiatrists. Whenever necessary, Jacqueline works with a network of highly skilled professionals to develop a treatment team for high needs cases.

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